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WebDAV and Windows XP

System requirements: None, Windows


This page will give you instructions on how to use WebDAV with Microsoft Windows XP.

How to Use:

  1. To get to My Network Places from Windows XP, click on Start and then select My Network Places.
  2. Double-click the Add Network Place icon.


  3. The Add Network Place Wizard will appear. Click Next


  4. Select Choose another network location and click Next.


  5. In the blank, type in the publishing URL for your website and click Next.
    • WWW:<website name>
    • WWEB:<website name>

  6. picture

  7. When prompted, enter your NetID and password. You may need to put uta\ in front of your NetID. Click OK.


  8. You will then be prompted to name your new network place. You can name it anything you want, but it is typically best to just leave it at the default. Click Next to continue.


  9. You should receive confirmation that you have successfully added a Network Place. Click Finish and you're done.


  10. When you return to My Network Places, you should see a new icon similar to the one shown below.  Clicking on this icon should display the contents of your web site as shown in step 10.


  11. Notice the publishing URL in the address bar. The new Network Place now displays the contents of your website. You can create/edit/delete content by dragging and dropping your files.


Known Issues:

You must have IE 5.0 or above to use WebDAV with Microsoft Windows.