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Mathematica How To Obtain for Mac OS X (for offline usage)


The instructions on this page are for university owned machines only that have "Property of UT Arlington" asset tags, also referred to as UTA assets in this document.  These are typical faculty/staff office computers that are connected to the UTA network. Please contact OIT Help Desk for instructions on how to obtain Mathematica for computer labs utilizing an imaged based deployment, such as Symantec Ghost. 

How to Get:


Please contact Wolfram directly for instructions on how to install Mathematica on personally owned faculty machines.  You will need to fill out the Wolfram's Staff Home Use Mathematica License form located at Wolfram's website.  Please contact OIT Help Desk for the required License Key.


The UT System has arranged to sell student licenses through UTA Book Store for $30.00 per year (January through December).  Please contact the UTA Bookstore for inquires about licensed software products - 817-272-2785 for more information.

How to Use:

  1. Open Finder. Click Go and Connect to Server.

  2. Enter smb://ghost1/software$/Wolfram/Mathematica-7 in the Server Address field and click Connect. Enter your NetID and password if prompted.

    connect to server

  3. Double-click on the Mac folder and and then double-click on the Mathematica_7.0.1_OSX_MachineSpecific.dmg file.

  4. A disk volume called Mathematica should now mount on your Desktop. Open this disk volume and copy the Mathematica application to your Applications folder.
    open program

  5. Double-click on the Mathematica icon in your Application folder to start the program.
    start program

  6. When running Mathematica for the first time you will be prompted to enter license information. Select Single Machine then enter your name, organization, and L3218-6957 for the license number. Click OK. 
    license server info

  7. Another window should appear prompting for your MathID password. Make a note of the MathID, you will need to enter it later in the process.

  8. Click on the Web button. This will open your default web browser and take you to a web page in which you will need to select "I want to registrer aproduct and generate a password. Click the Continue button.

  9. Under the Register: Enter your single-user MathIDs, enter your Math ID and the name of your computer. You can find your computer's name by opening /Applications/System Preferences then select the Sharing icon. Enter the computer name in the form of in the Register window. Click the Continue button

  10. Fill out the next form that appears and click the Continue button. You will receive your MathID password in an email. In the email you will see a line containing your computer name, MathID, UTA license code for Mathematica, and the MathID password.

  11. Copy the MathID password into the Mathematica MathID window for the password field and click OK.

  12. Click Yes if you are asked to install Spotlight plugin and follow the default installation instructions.