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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Server Support and Backup Services

OIT/EOS Backup Chargeback Policy for 2008/9

Setup & Basic OS Licenses*

This is a onetime charge and includes a portion of a rack, initial server installation and configuration, back-up agent from Symantec, electrical hook up and network connectivity.

Price $1250.00 (Onetime cost)

*Special licenses required for the operation of the server not included in enterprise agreements will be billed at cost.

Annual System Support

This charge covers the electricity, air conditioning, physical security, 24/7 monitoring and technical response, break fix, and operating system patch management.

Price $1000.00 (annual cost)

Annual Backup Cost

This charge covers the backup media (tapes), hardware cost, and manpower to back up the data and store in a secure environment. The charge is based on available storage NOT used storage.

Minimum Cost from 1 GB - 160 GB $2100.00
(Yearly cost charged at beginning of fiscal year i.e. September)

For each GB above 160 GB it is $15.00 per GB ?

Example: A new server containing 270 GB of storage would be charged:

$ 1,250.00 Server Setup
$ 1,000.00 Annual System Support
$ 2,100.00 First 160GB
$ 1,650.00 Additional 110 GB (110 x $15.00)
$ 6,000.00 Total First Year cost
$ 4,750.00 Total Annual cost (after the first year)


Q: What kind of backup services does OIT/EOS provide?

A: The only systems that OIT will backup for a department are the department servers. No workstation backups are available at this time. Backups are done on a nightly bases and consist of 1 Weekly backup that is retained for 16 weeks and 6 daily backups which are retained for 1 week each. The following databases are also supported with hot backup support: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database Server. Other Database Agents may be available and will be looked at on case by case bases.

Q: What Backup software does OIT/EOS use?

A: OIT uses Symantec NetBackup Enterprise Server.

Q: How can I get file restored?

A: All file restore requests should be directed though the OIT Helpdesk at ext. 2-2208.

Q: Is there anything I need to do if out department does not want backup of our departmental server?

A: Yes. You will need to fill out sign and return an original copy of the Backup Services Non Data Backup Release form.

Q: Is there a UT System policy about backup data?

A: Yes. UTS165 Paragraph 5 explains the requirements for university data backups . UTS165 can be found at