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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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IT Governance


The University of Texas at Arlington's Office of Information Technology (OIT,) in collaboration with the university's senior administration, has defined an IT governance model under which information technology ("IT") efforts are prioritized to meet UTA's strategic goals. The model gathers representatives from across campus to provide input into IT issues affecting teaching and learning, research, administration, and infrastructure on the UTA campus. The purpose of the model is to provide an objective evaluation of IT project benefits as well as a formal decision-making process to determine which projects will provide the greatest value to the university.  Under the governance model, IT projects are approved and scheduled and IT resources are assigned based on the prioritization process. The governance process thus provides visibility and transparency to the management of OIT projects as well as to the overall health of IT on the UTA campus.

This IT Governance Web site contains:

  • A comprehensive description of the IT Governance Model
  • A description of the guiding principles by which IT decisions are made on campus
  • A listing and description of the committees and other advisory groups that constitute the decision-making bodies in the model