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UT Arlington
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Password Reset Policy

Passwords protect the security of your work and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Computer and network security has emerged as the predominant challenge for the information age. The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and the UT System Office of Information Resources require that we develop effective strategies for managing the security of our technology resources. One major step in that direction has been the creation of the OIT Information Security Office department ( Another piece of our overall strategy was to require that students, faculty and staff present proper identification in order to have their password reset when for some reason the normal password update system failed or some other occurrence required a reset.

As the 'custodian' for UT Arlington information resources, The Office of Information Technology has adopted the policy to not change or reset computer passwords via the telephone. In addition to the mandates stated above, this policy is implemented primarily for two reasons:

(1) it has become necessary to address increasing incidents of electronic identity fraud

(2) recent IT audits are requiring improved password security procedures.

It will be necessary for the OIT Help Desk to make positive identification of individuals requesting password resets. In order to achieve this, we are asking your cooperation in complying with one of the following procedures:

  1. Self-Service Solution:  Use the web interface at to reset forgotten passwords. Users enter personal information to identify themselves. This option is available 24x7.
  2. If you are not on campus (Distance Learning student, etc.), you can fax a copy (or e-mail a scanned copy) of your UT Arlington ID card to the OIT Help Desk, ext. 2063, then call the Help Desk (ext. 2208) for assistance.
  3. Bring your UT Arlington ID card to the OIT Help Desk located on the first floor of the Central Library. This is for the protection of the account holder.

Our Password Reset Policy seems to typify those of certain other universities (URL's provided below). We hope to learn from some of these, and ultimately deploy the long-term solution that is best for UT Arlington. UCLA Password Policy
UC Davis - Administrative Computing Coordinating Council

Illinois Institute of Technology

And finally, as a reminder, here is a glimpse at the computer use policies for both UT Arlington and the UT-System.

Policy for the Use and Protection of Information Resources

UT-Arlington's Computer Use Policy

We understand the inconvenience of this policy, but it is in place, with the best of intentions, to help protect accounts and the personal information associated with them. So please, change your password regularly and choose your passwords with intelligence.

Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation.

- Suzanne Montague
Vice President and CIO for Information Technology