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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
OIT: Office of Information Technology ·  Work Order · 817-272-2208 · System Status

We are your IT partner!

Quick Tips to a more Accessible site

• Include “alt” tags (alternative descriptions) and title tags in all images and videos.

• Make your links look like links. Use colors that distinguish them from regular text and use an underline to set them apart.

• Make your body text legible.

• Also, make sure your stylesheet permits variable font sizes. If you’re using a fixed font, older browsers don’t let users adjust text size. (In Firefox and IE, you can hit command + or – to increase or decrease the size of the text on screen.)

 • Give your photos captions, so the vision-impaired can know what they’re looking at.

• Provide a paragraph of summary for your videos and audio podcasts — or, if possible, a transcript.

• Don’t use “click here” as a link. Instead, offer context about what it’s about and link the relevant words.