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Web Publishing

UT Arlington Web Publishing Policy

If any discrepancies exist between official University of Texas at Arlington printed materials and electronic information, the information in the printed material shall have precedence unless the electronic information specifically states that it is the official source in lieu of the printed information.

At The University of Texas at Arlington, Web pages are created according to specifications provided by departments, offices, or individuals. These pages are approved by their requestors before the pages are made publicly accessible. All text and images contained in these pages is original material or public domain, and if any part of a page is known to be otherwise, the creator of the page should be contacted to resolve the matter.

While every effort is made to be sure that no material under external copyright is improperly used in UT Arlington Web pages, it is impossible to verify originality on every item presented for inclusion in a page. UT Arlington's limit to remedy any incident of mistaken use of protected material is to remove such material from all pages which contain it. Every Web publisher at UT Arlington is responsible for following the UT System policy on copying copyrighted materials and intellectual property.

Opinions expressed on any Web pages which are accessible from any server on UT Arlington's domain are not necessarily those of UT Arlington, and information of any type should be verified by direct contact with appropriate University officials for accuracy and timeliness.

Some Web servers on UT Arlington's domain may permit the storage of personal home pages; neither UT Arlington nor its employees can be responsible for the content of such pages.

Regents Rules and Regulations

Web publishers at UT Arlington are expected to abide by all rules established by the UT System Board of Regents. The complete Regents Rules and Regulations are published on the UT System Web. For the convenience of UT Arlington Web publishers, the rules most applicable are extracted here. This list, however, is not exhaustive. Also, you should talk to your Dean or Department Head for further guidance.

  1. No person, whether or not a student or employee transact any business in his or her official capacity with any business entity of which the employee is an officer, agent, or member, or in which the employee owns a substantial interest. (Part One, Chapter III, 4.5)

  2. Except as otherwise specifically authorized, property of the System shall be used only for official business. Only library books and other items of similar nature of well-established use may be used for the personal benefit or pleasure of employees. The chief administrative officer of each component institution shall designate a property manager. (Part Two, Chapter VII, 1)

  3. No person, whether or not a student or employee of a component institution, shall publicly distribute on the campus of any such institution any petition, handbill, or piece of literature that is obscene, libelous, or directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action. (Part One, Chapter VI, 6.73)

  4. No person, whether or not a student or employee of a component institution, shall post or carry any sign or poster that is obscene, libelous, or directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action. (Part One, Chapter VI, 6.74)

  5. Anonymous publications are prohibited. Any student publishing or aiding in publishing, or circulating or aiding in circulating, any anonymous publication will be subject to discipline. (Part One, Chapter VI, 10.)

  6. All students are expected and required to obey the law, to comply with System and institutional rules and with directives issued by an administrative officer in the course of his or her authorized duties, and to observe standards of conduct appropriate for an academic institution. (Part One, Chapter VI, 3.2)

  7. Any student who engages in conduct that is prohibited by System or institutional rules or by federal, state, or local law is subject to discipline whether such conduct takes place on or off campus or whether civil or criminal penalties are also imposed for such conduct. (Part One, Chapter VI, 3.21)

  8. Any student who engages in speech, either orally or in writing, that is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action, is subject to discipline. (Part One, Chapter VI, 3.26)

  9. Any student who appropriates university resources for private gain is subject to discipline. (Part One, Chapter VI, 3.27)

Rules for unofficial Web Pages on UT Arlington-Owned computers

The term Web page refers to technology that permits text, graphics, photographs, sounds, video images or other materials to be posted on an UT Arlington-owned computer or listed as a link from an official UT Arlington Internet homepage for public access via Internet.
Unofficial Web pages and links to them from official UT Arlington Web pages will be permitted on University-owned computer equipment within these rules as a means of furthering education and research, and fostering exchanges of ideas and opinions. Unofficial Web pages do not represent the official views of the University. While they may contain documents generated by University departments or organizations, they are not considered the official repository of those documents.

  1. A Web page posted on or through an UT Arlington-owned server must be sponsored and administered by an UT Arlington academic department, chartered campus organization, faculty member, staff member, or student before it will be linked on an official UT Arlington Web page or made accessible from the Internet.
  2. Before a campus-affiliated organization can post a homepage, the administrator must complete an application which must include the name and e-mail address of the organization's advisor or sponsor. The advisor or sponsor must acknowledge awareness of the Web page and its administrator before it will be posted.
  3. An individual or chartered campus organization that wishes to establish an unofficial Web page must indemnify the University against any financial loses resulting from litigation brought as a result of the materials it posts or permits to be posted.
  4. An unofficial Web page sponsored by a faculty member, academic or administrative department is expected to adhere to the University of Texas System's Standards of Professional Ethics for Faculty. Staff members who post Internet homepages must adhere to these same standards.
  5. UT Arlington is not responsible for the maintenance of any unofficial Web page.
  6. The opening menu or home page for any unofficial Web page will display a disclaimer stating: The contents of this Web site are the sole responsibility of the (organization or individual's name) and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of University of Texas at Arlington. The administrator of this site is (name) who may be contacted at (e-mail address).
  7. A Web page may be removed from an official UT Arlington server or made inaccessible if it is found to be involved in criminal activities, copyright infringement, serious violations of the student code of conduct, violations of applicable codes of ethics or actions that reflect upon the integrity of the University. In addition, the offender(s) may also be subject to other actions as dictated by UT Arlington policies.
  8. Commercial messages by for-profit organizations, companies, or individuals are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to banner advertisements or other similar mechanisms.