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Adopting and Maintaining IT Policies at UTA


Information Technology Policies serve a number of purposes for the UTA community. These policies further the university's missions, educate the community about best practices in information technology, promote university-wide operational efficiencies, and reduce institutional risks. They also serve as a guide to community members to help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Specific Information Technology Policies should have broad applicability throughout the university. These policies do not take the place of local unit policies and procedures, but establish a foundation within the framework of UTA’s mission and Strategic Plan, the Academic Plan for FY 09 - FY 10, and the IT-Strategic-Plan.

The Vice President for Information Technology/CIO (Chief Information Officer) is responsible for UTA’s Information Technology Policies. Any member of the university community may contact the Office of the CIO to discuss policy issues, suggest a need for a new policy, or comment on existing policy.


This policy applies to all University staff, faculty, administrators, officers and students (collectively, "users"), including those who use IT services within and beyond the UTA main campus.

Policy and Procedure

Information Technology Policy Web Site

The public view of the Information Technology Policies is maintained at the Office of the CIO’s IT Policies Web Site. This ‘repository’ contains the official copy of approved policies and current copies of draft policies, along with supporting documents. It provides a public location for UTA units to access and link to policy documents, ensures the integrity of policy documents, and provides a historical policy record. It also provides a contact point for university community policy comments and suggestions.

The Policy Development Process

To ensure coordinated information technology activities on campus, new draft policies may be informally submitted to the Office of the CIO.

The submitter of a proposed IT Policy will normally draft the policy in cooperation with the appropriate OIT Director or other university official. Review of existing policies for update or removal will be determined by the Assistant VP for IT.
Draft policies will proceed as follows:

  • The first draft, labeled, "FIRST DRAFT" will be submitted to the Assistant VP for IT to coordinate review with the CIO.
  • Based on the content of the policy, the CIO will determine if it needs to be coordinated or reviewed with others within his organization (may include the OIT Senior Management Group, or simply selected individuals within the organization).
  • After review and comments are received, a "SECOND DRAFT", will be prepared and presented to the CIO by the Assistant VP for IT.
  • The CIO may determine that this draft needs to be shared with other committees or units outside of OIT. This draft will be labeled "OIT DRAFT" and distributed as directed.
  • A "FINAL DRAFT" will be prepared incorporating all appropriate comments and suggestions and submitted to the CIO for final approval. The CIO will either approve the policy as is, or may decide that other University administrators need to be involved in the approval process. If other administrators need copies of the draft, the CIO will direct the distribution of this process.
  • The CIO will then notify the Assistant VP for IT when the policy is ready for final distribution.
  • When all the above steps have been completed, the APPROVED POLICY will be added to the IT Policy Web Site.

Information Technology Policy Maintenance Process

The Office of the CIO and respective submitters will formally review each specific policy at least every two years for needed updates or revisions, in addition to the review of any new policies or the elimination of any outdated ones.  Minor changes will only need support from the CIO and submitter. Major changes should follow the full policy development and approval process.

Supporting documents should include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents and reference materials.  Copies of policies in the IT Policy Web Site should include links to appropriate locations in the supporting documents and to external documents. The Office of the CIO will maintain the supporting documents in the repository, and will regularly review FAQ documents to include new inquiries and interpretations.

Questions or Problems

Questions, concerns or additional information about this and any OIT policy should be directed to the Office of the CIO.


The Vice President for Information Technology/CIO is the policy administrator for information technology resources at UTA and will ensure this process is followed.

Additionally, of course, Deans, Directors and Department Heads are responsible for compliance with University policy within their respective administrative areas.