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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Acknowledgment of Information Security Policy

This form is used to acknowledge compliance with, The HOP: Subchapter 5-200 Policy, Unauthorized Copying of Computer Software.


Complete the following steps:

  1. Read the HOP: Subchapter 5-200 Policy, Unauthorized Copying of Computer Software.
  2. Perform "Self-Check" on your computer. Contact OIT Helpdesk at ext. 2208 to remove any unlicensed software.
  3. Sign and date in the spaces provided below.
  4. Retain a copy of this page, and provide a copy to your Supervisor, Manager, Department Chair, etc.


By signing below, I agree to the following terms:

i. I have received and read a copy of the HOP: Subchapter 5-200 Unauthorized Copying of Computer Software and understand the same.

ii. I agree that I shall not copy, duplicate (except for backup purposes as part of my job at UT Arlington), otherwise disclose, or allow anyone else to copy or duplicate any of this information or software.

I have attached a signed list of the software currently residing on my Personal Computer (UT Arlington Inventory No. ________), and agree, to the best of my knowledge, that the listed software is licensed or otherwise authorized to be used on this UT Arlington computing resource. For more information see:

Employee signature:                                                                                       

Employee name (Printed/Typed):                                                                       



An acknowledgment should be signed per computer. If an employee/student has more than one computer, they should complete an Acknowledgment form for each one.