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Unauthorized Copying Of Computer Software

The use of computers and computer software by faculty, staff and students has become increasingly widespread. Consequently, it is necessary that all users of UTA computer resources understand that unauthorized copying of software is illegal.  The purpose of the web site is to make the campus community aware of newly established UTA policies and procedures regarding the unauthorized use of software, and outline the steps necessary to ensure institutional compliance.

What You Will Need To Do

Please follow the procedures outlined in "Acknowledgment of UTA Information Security Policy", i.e., (1) read the applicable policies, (2) sign and date the Acknowledgment, (3) retain a copy of the Acknowledgment and provide a copy to your Supervisor, Manager, or Department Chair. All of the documents mentioned (and others) can be found at:

Name of Document Where it can be found (URL)
HOP: Subchapter 5-200 Policy Subchapter 5-200 Unauthorized Copying of Computer Software
Acknowledgment of UTA Information Security Policy
"Self-Check" of Computer Software
Using Computer Software " A Guide to the Ethical and Legal Use of Software for Members of the Academic Community"

What Will OIT Do

Each individual is to be held responsible for the software on his/her PC/Laptop. As a result, OIT will:

  1. provide "Anti-Piracy" stickers to be affixed in a highly visible location on each UTA-inventoried PC/Laptop that will remind its users of the compliance policy on illegally copying software.
  2. provide written (and personal if necessary) instruction in the use of the "Self-Check" procedures for checking computer software.
  3. periodically check a certain percentage of the PC's/Laptop's that have been certified and will respond accordingly to their findings (i.e., document instances of non-compliance and notify responsible individuals). For more information see: Anti-Piracy Compliance Check
  4. ensure that each Computer Lab has an acceptable procedure in place to control and discourage the capture of illegal software on a permanent basis.


The above actions will be carried out in accordance with the UTA Handbook of Operating Procedures, Sub-Chapter 5-200, The University of Texas System Software Policy Guidelines, and in the spirit of UT-Austin's recently approved Policy on Responsible Use of Information Technology:

Questions concerning the content of these policies and procedures should be directed to the Vice Provost for Computer & Information Technology (OIT) at ext. 2271.