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Bigger E-Mailbox

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger E-Mailbox

By Sonny Dinh, Software System Specialist II

E-MailE-mail has become more than a tool to send and receive electronic messages. It has become a collaboration tool for calendaring, task management, and other purposes. The demand for E-mail box storage has increased significantly in the past few years. OIT has continuously been working to overcome the challenges to increase E-mailbox size while keeping the messaging system running at an optimized level. During the spring of 2007, the mailbox size for faculty/staff increased from 80 Megabyte (MB) to 150MB. An average sized "text-only" E-email is around 30 kilobytes (KB). With 150MB, an E-mailbox can store up to 5,000 messages or more!

What about sending large attachments? E-mail systems are not designed for storing and exchanging files. Together, UT Arlington´s messaging system (MavMail) and MavSpace removed many challenges for file sharing via the Internet. E-mail with large attachments may not go through due to mailbox quotas and system restrictions. Third-party E-mail providers such as Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail only allow E-mail attachments of about 10MB. You can bypass the restrictions by sending a MavSpace web link to your file(s). For more information on using MavSpace, go to or call the Help Desk at extension 2-2208.