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Your Document Imaging Solution!

By Walter Kisner, Director of Program Management Services

What is document imaging anyway?

In this instance, document imaging describes a software system that captures, stores and can reprint images. Our system, ImageNow, can obtain images by scanning documents, taking screen shots from interfaced software systems or by electronic delivery (i.e. transcripts). Once these images have been captured they can be stored and recalled by our users at any time. The images can be printed or electronically transmitted to other recipients.
The result of such document imaging systems is a reduction of stored paper, greater security, preservation of data and a near seamless integration with existing primary software systems (MyMav). Our current system users include Financial Aid, the School of Nursing, Student Enrollment Services, the Testing Center, the University Advising Center and the Office of Graduate Studies. Images captured by these various offices include transcripts, placement tests, student and parent tax returns, verification worksheets, citizenship documentation, student applications and application support materials such as essays or recommendations as well as many other documents that demand retention and storage.

Over the next few months, we will be researching other areas that might be interested in this technology.