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By Dr. Nancy Rowe, Manager of Statistical Services

UT Arlington´s Office of Information Technology, in conjunction with the UT System, has entered into a license agreement with Wolfram Research Inc. to offer the Mathematica© software to students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff can have license copies of the software for both their campus and home computers at no cost to themselves. The license runs from January to December and must be re-licensed each calendar year regardless of when the software is installed during the year. The software renewal date is December 15 of each year.

Students can acquire Mathematica© for $30 per calendar year by purchasing a license at the UT Arlington Computer Store in Ransom Hall. The expiration dates are the same as for faculty and staff but the $30 per-year fee is not prorated. To learn how to obtain your copy of Mathematica©, visit the appropriate Web site listed below.

Mathematica© for Windows
Mathematica© for Mac
Mathematica© for Linux