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Introducing MavMerge

By Melissa Ferguson, Manager OIT Production Control

The OIT Production Control Office is pleased to announce a new data service called MavMerge that should become available to the general campus in Spring 2008.

We will be working with select beta customers during the fall. If you would like to be considered part of this beta group, please email the OIT Production Control team at

MavMerge is similar to Microsoft mail merge capabilities, which automate processing of your printed correspondence. But MavMerge takes it a step further to allow for the merging of a data file with your custom template to generate e-mails. It also allows for the ability to take spreadsheet information and encapsulate it into the body of the printed correspondence, making it quite a sophisticated and versatile product.

Many of you are already customers of OIT Production Control and know that we create student data files based on desired run criteria. For MavMerge requestors, we will merge that file with your letter or e-mail template to create the finished product. For example, if you wish to identify all students with a certain major, GPA, and over 60 hours, a file of students with these criteria could be extracted, then merged to send a personalized e-mail or letter to the identified students.

Look for announcements of its availability as soon as the beta test is completed, with a target date of Spring 2008. We look forward to hearing from you.