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MavSpace for Departments

By Larry Elmer, Director of Enterprise Operations and Systems (EOS)

MavSpace In the last edition of TechBytes, OIT announced the MavSpace service; an easy to use on-line storage system. Today we are ready to take the next step, MavSpace for Departments. This service is identical to the MavSpace that each of us is familiar with but instead of assigned space for a single user, this space will be available to the entire department, with a departmental administrator who will define access to folders based on departmental needs. This service will make sharing files easier by bringing the "access from anywhere" technology to the department level. If you can get to the Internet, then you can access your files, anywhere, anytime. In addition, the departments will have control of the file structure, access rights, etc. for their departmental MavSpace. This additional service does not replace any of the file services that you already have but, is an additional storage service. It comes with all of the benefits of the current MavSpace including the ability to allow "read" access to some individuals while allowing "read/write" access to others. More over, it provides the ability to insert a link to a file in an e-mail instead of attaching the file to the e-mail, thus saving the space on your e-mail quota, or as in the case above, not being able to send the file. OIT has established a storage quota of 50 Gigabytes for each department. We are currently working on this service with an anticipated roll out sometime in Fall 2007. This is a great tool with tremendous potential to help your department be successful. OIT hopes this tool will enable your departments to better serve your missions.