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Shared PeopleSoft Project

What´s This I Hear about UT Arlington, UT Dallas, and UT Tyler in a Shared PeopleSoft Project?

By Suzanne Montague, Vice President of Information Technology

Shared Services Photo
BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott Kelley, Executive Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs, Greg Lesson, Chief Business Officer-UT Tyler, Dale Wasson, Senior Associate Vice President-UT Arlington, and Marg Knox, Interim CIO-UT System
FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Sherri Whatley, CIO-UT Tyler, Suzanne Montague, CIO-UT Arlington, Jim Gary, CIO-UT Dallas, Dawn Stoyanoff, Director of Shared Services-UT System

UT Arlington is participating in two exciting projects related to UT System Shared Services. Both projects involve UT Arlington in the supporting role for other UT institutions that will use our services in a collaborative or consolidated manner.

The first UT System Shared Service is the usage of UT Arlington´s data center to support computing equipment from other UT institutions as co-location or disaster recovery solutions. For more information, please see the newsletter article below titled, What Happened to UTACC? by Jon Harris.

The second UT System Shared Service is a multi-institution PeopleSoft Student System with shared computing equipment, but separate instances of data. UT System wants to take advantage of UT Arlington´s recent PeopleSoft implementation by supporting similar separate implementations for UT Dallas and UT Tyler, under the direction of a UT System Director of Shared Services with cooperation from UT Arlington. The schedule for these two implementations is set for completion in Fall 2009. What is the impact on UT Arlington? There should not be much immediate impact on our campus other than our participation in a shared Data Warehouse and reporting solution that will occur over the next two years. The long-term gain will be shared software solutions among all three institutions, providing more value with fewer resources.