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Statistics Say A Lot

I Had No Idea (Statistics say a lot)...

By Suzanne Montague, Vice President of Information Technology

General UT Arlington IT Stats:

  • Of the 271 million e-mails that UT Arlington received between January 2007 and May 2007, only 5% were legitimate and 95% were classified as SPAM.
  • As of mid-June, there are 7,000 MavSpace users with around 140,000 total files.
  • Students have access to more than 800 computers in 10 OIT computer labs.
  • Between Sept. 1, 2006 and May 31, 2007,
    • Students have printed 6.5 million pages through the OIT computing labs
    • The HelpDesk has logged around 75,000 requests, with 84% from students and 16% from faculty/staff
    • 196,030 unique IDs logged into OIT lab computers, with a total of 953,720 logins, at an average of 45 min. 51 sec. per login.

How Much Technology do Students Really Use?

By Suzanne Montague, Vice President of Information Technology

A recent study by Educause on Undergraduate Students and Information Technology in 2006 (based on a survey of 28,724 students and 96 institutions) revealed some interesting statistics.

  • 97.8% of students own a PC
  • 38.3% of 18 or 19 year olds own both a laptop and a desktop computer.
  • 90% have broadband connections; 10% depend on dial-up access
  • While they prefer laptops computers, 70% never bring their laptop to class. The primary reasons are weight of the laptop and risk of theft.
  • 99.9% use e-mail and more than 80% use instant messaging. 84.9% prefer e-mail to instant messaging.
  • 88.2% have more than one e-mail account
  • As part of class work, 94.1% of the students use email, followed by 64.6% course management systems (like WebCT), 64.6% course Web sites, 63.3% presentation software, 7% blogs, 3.9% webcasts, and 3.3% podcasts.
  • 19.8% own either a personal digital assistant (PDA) or smart phone

If you would like to learn more about this study (2-page executive summary, 12-page summary, or full study), please send an e-mail to