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Web Standards Committee

By Bill Daley, Director of Enterprise Information Services (EIS)

What is it? And why is it being created?

The Web Standards Committee (WSC) was recently created to foster coherency of content, functionality, design, and usability across UT Arlington´s official web presence. On approval of the President, the committee establishes guidelines and standards, and recommends policies and procedures for the strategic and long-term evolution of the Web site and all of its components.

Several meetings of this committee have been held for the purpose of determining its goals and objectives, identifying membership, and determining next steps. Specifically, the WSC will:

  1. Set and disseminate web guidelines and standards and recommend policies and procedures for consideration by university administration.
  2. Identify the roles and responsibilities regarding the web presence of Office of Information Technology, University Communications, and individual departments.
  3. Proactively identify and recommend tools for ongoing web development, the use of emerging web media, and managing web presence.
  4. Promote the use of technology standards and enterprise development tools.

Who are we?

The WSC is overseen jointly by the Vice Presidents for University Communications and Information Technology and chaired by a representative from Information Technology. Permanent members consist of representatives from University Communications, Research Administration, Library, Student Enrollment Services, Graduate School, Business Services and Financial Affairs, Distance Education, Information Technology and several Academic Departments (determined by the Office of the Provost).

To ensure representation from across campus, adhoc and permanent sub-committees may be established to address specific needs and functional areas. Look for more information about the WSC committee in the near future.