Atomic Force Microscopy

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We use the Quesant Scan Automatic Atomic Force Microscope to study the surface topography of our ISAM films. The images are presented in the following PowerPoint presentations:



polished 50 bilayers.ppt 50 bilayers on glass: images of before and after polishing the film May 16,2002
1 to 5 bilayers.ppt Images of PSS+chromophore films as the layers are sequentially added Feb. 2002
Cleaned up images Images of blank slide, acid washed slide, and 1-5 bilayers with dirt and streaks removed. Mar. 2002
MRCEDM presentation Presentation for MRCEDM poster session. Mar. 2002
RuPoly images of 18 and 50 bilayers on unknown substrate Apr. 26, 2002

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