Glass Substrate

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Table 1 is a set of AFM images is of a Fisherfinest premium microscope slide of thickness L=1 mm.  The glass had been cleaned in.  Three scan areas were acquired, 20x20 m, 10x10 m, and 5x5 m; also, there are three types of pictures top view, 3-D view, and the histogram data.

Table 1    AFM images and height histogram data for glass microscope slide (click on the pictures to enlarge)
  20x20 m 10x10 m 5x5 m
Top View
3D View


Table 2    Computed roughness parameters for the AFM data of the glass microscope slide.
  20x20 m 10x10 m 5x5 m
Avg. Height 3.077 2.054 2.028
RMS Dev. 7.561 4.746 5.08
Mean Dev. 5.77 3.709 3.993
Max. Dev. 13.956 5.965 2.726
Rp 13.956 5.965 2.726
Rt 17.033 8.019 4.754
Rv 3.077 2.054 2.028
Rz 17.032 8.019 4.754

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