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UTA Mobile App

Downloading UTA Mobile App

UTA Mobile is an app that the University of Texas at Arlington uses to easily and inexpensively share materials with event attendees on their mobile devices (iPhones, Android devices, iPads, Blackberries, etc.). For events, attendees are given a schedule of events with personalized reminders, interactive maps of the venues, and searchable lists of speakers, interest sessions, and sponsors. Once you download the app you can easily contribute to the event buzz on Twitter and Facebook, create personalized to-do lists, rate the sessions you attend, and give the event us feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is UTA Mobile available for all devices?

Yes! With native apps for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry 10, and a mobile web version for all other web-enabled devices like Windows Phones/Tablets and older versions of Blackberries, UTA Mobile guides are available on nearly any smartphone or tablet. Other mobile app providers don’t offer native solutions for both Android and iPhone, which excludes a considerable amount of people from using them to the fullest extent. Without a native solution, a user can’t personalize their schedules and create reminders, or rate sessions. UTA Mobile is also supported on iPad, Amazon Kindle, and Android tablets!

2) What if I can't download the app prior to attending orientation?

No worries, someone at check can assist you with downloading the app for your phone.



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