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Who Should Attend Orientation?

Attending New Maverick Orientation is a great way to meet new people, learn how to navigate the campus and discover resources that will lead you on a path to success.

New Maverick Orientation sessions are provided for first-time freshmen, transfer students and veterans.  Please see below for a detailed description of who should attend each session.

Freshmen Orientation

If you graduated from High School in May/June 2017 you are required to attend freshmen orientation, regardless of the amount of transfer credits you may have earned. Those students participating in the CAP or FIG programs are also required to attend freshman orientation.  Students accepted into the FIG program are encouraged to attend the orientation session reserved specifically for them. Students accepted through the Summer Bridge program must attend the session designated for Summer Bridge students. 

Students must be admitted to the University before attending freshmen orientation.  See freshman orientation dates.

Transfer Orientation

Transfer orientation is reserve specifically for students who have attended another university (post-high school) and will be transferring earned credits to UT Arlington. All transfer students are required to attend transfer orientation regardless of the amount of credits being transferred. As students transfer to UT Arlington with a variety of experiences, we have two different programs to meet their needs, Transfer Experience and Transfer Express. Be sure to review each program to find the one that fits your needs. 

Students must be admitted to the University before attending transfer orientation. See transfer orientation dates.

Veterans Orientation

The Veterans Orientation is specifically designed for any veterans returning from active duty as well as those who are interested in using the new military education benefits. Students attending college on the GI Bill as dependents of veterans should attend a regular freshman or transfer orientation.

Attending a veteran’s orientation session will satisfy your orientation requirement. You will not be required to attend an additional freshman or transfer session.  Because we value your service, there will be no charge for your orientation. 

See veterans orientation dates.

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