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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the New Maverick Orientation program?
A: The New Maverick Orientation program is an excellent opportunity for newly admitted freshmen to learn valuable information about UT Arlington services and academic programs. In addition to an introduction to the University, students meet with an advisor and register for classes.

Q: Am I required to attend New Maverick Orientation?
A: First-time freshmen students (new high school graduates) who have been accepted unconditionally into UT Arlington are required to attend orientation. Students who have been accepted through the UT CAP Program will also need to attend New Maverick Orientation. If you are a non-traditional freshman attending UT Arlington for the first time, please contact the New Maverick Orientation office for alternative options to satisfy your orientation requirement. 

Q: When does New Maverick Orientation take place?
A: New Maverick Orientation occurs throughout the year. Which session you will attend depends on the term when you enroll. Students entering UT Arlington in the Fall will attend orientation during June and July. Students entering UT Arlington in the Spring term will attend orientation in January and Students entering UT Arlington for the summer term will attend orientation in May. View orientation dates.

Q: Does it matter which New Maverick Orientation date I attend?
A: For first-time freshmen entering UT Arlington in the fall there are several New Maverick Orientation date options. Advisors to all majors will be present at each session. Please keep in mind that the earlier you attend orientation, the better your chances are of getting your first choice in classes and class times. The number of students and guests is limited at each session so you must act quickly to reserve your space. If you are an entering freshmen for summer or spring you will need to attend the orientation date specified for that term.

Q: How do I receive more information on the New Maverick Orientation program?
A: All program details and orientation information are located on this website. If you still have unanswered questions after reviewing the website please contact the NMO office at 817-272-3213.

Q: How long will the New Maverick Orientation program last?
A: New Maverick Orientation for students entering UT Arlington in the fall semester is a two day event and all students are expected to attend the full two days. Students who enter during a spring or summer semester will attend a one day event.

Q: Do I need to reserve a space in one of the New Maverick Orientation programs?
A: Yes, you do need to reserve a space. This can be done through the Register for Orientation page on this website.

Q: Should my parents come with me to New Maverick Orientation?
A: Absolutely! We will have special sessions specifically for parents to help them cope with the changes in their lives now that you are in college. Please encourage them to attend and we will be ready to answer any questions they may have about UT Arlington.

Q: Do I have to take any placement exams prior to attending New Maverick Orientation?
A: UT Arlington has a Math Placement requirement to ensure all students enroll in the proper level math class. Students who are TSI Complete and wish to take a class higher than Math 1325 (college algebra) should complete the Math Placement Test prior to their orientation session. For more information about placement testing and how to take the MAT prior to attending orientation visit the Math Department Website.

Q: Do I need to have completed the TSI requirement prior to attending New Maverick Orientation?
A: Yes, you need to have completed the TSI requirement prior to attending orientation or you will be unable to register for classes during New Maverick Orientation. Please visit Texas Success Initiative website or email for more information.

Q: When do I get my student ID card?
A: The Maverick Orientation Leaders will take students to have their Mav Express Cards (student ID) made during the orientation check-in process. Please don't forget to bring a Government-issued ID with you, as you will need it in order to receive your ID Card. 

Q: When will I register for classes?
A: You will meet with your advisor and register for classes at New Maverick Orientation. If you are enrolling for the fall term, class registration will not take place until the end of the second day so plan to spend two full days at orientation and schedule accordingly.  Students enrolling for the summer or spring terms will register for their classes at the end of their one-day program.

Q: Must I attend the entire orientation program or can I just come for registration?
A: You must attend all of the scheduled activities during New Maverick Orientation. For students enrolling in the fall term, academic advising will occur at the end of day one and class registration will be at the end of day two.  Make plans to stay for the full two days and arrange your work schedule and travel plans accordingly. If you are enrolling in the summer or spring terms, please be prepared to stay for the entire one-day session. A registration block is placed on your student account until you have attended a complete orientation program.

Q: Should I bring money to pay for my classes at New Maverick Orientation?
A: Only students attending after the payment date will need to be prepared to pay their tuition, fees, etc. during New Maverick Orientation.

Q: What if I am attending New Maverick Orientation after the payment due date?
A: If you are attending after the payment due date then you should come prepared to pay your tuition and fees upon class registration. You can choose the installment plan and you will only need to pay one-third of your total balance. If you are receiving financial aid and have enough anticipated aid (accepted aid) to cover your tuition and fees, you do not need to be prepared to pay at New Maverick Orientation. If you are a Texas Tomorrow recipient or a holder of a third-party contract please come with the proper documentation and ID in order to use them as payment. If you attend after the payment due date and you do not have payment arrangements made in advance or at your New Maverick Orientation session, your classes will be dropped. More information pertaining to making a payment can be found at the Student Financial Services website.

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