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Testing Questions

Q: What is the Texas Success Initiative?
A: The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. TSI-approved tests are used to verify that students have the basic skills needed to succeed in entry-level college courses. Students are required by state law to satisfy the TSI requirement before enrolling in any Texas public college or university. There are three parts to TSI: Reading, Writing, & Mathematics. Students who fail to achieve the minimum required score on any part will be required to enroll in developmental coursework. Some students may be exempt from the TSI if they meet certain requirements.

Q: How do I satisfy the TSI requirement?
A: Students may satisfy this requirement with ACT, SAT, TAKS, or STAAR scores. Previous college credit is also considered. For a full list of TSI exemptions, please go to the TSI Exemptions  website. If you have questions about your TSI status, please contact the University Advising Center at For more information about TSI requirements and exemptions, see the Texas Success Initiative website.

Q: I took AP or IB exams in High School how do I get credit?
A: Make sure your scores were sent to UT Arlington (code 6013). Go to the Testing Services website and click on “Credit by Exam” and look up if your AP test score is accepted at UT Arlington. If so, then contact Testing Services to fill out a petition to have the course credit added to your transcript.

Q: I took AP exams in High School and received credit at my previous institution. Will these credits be accepted by UT Arlington?
A: If the class that you received credit for from your AP exams is transferable to UTA these credits will be applied during your transcript evaluation.

Q: Am I required to take a math placement test?
A: Students who are TSI Complete and wish to take a math class higher than Math 1325 (college algebra) should complete the Math Placement Test prior to their orientation session. For more information about placement testing and how to take the MAT prior to attending orientation visit the Math Department Website.

Q: How do I take the Math Placement Test?
A: The Math Placement Test is available on the Math Department website and can be taken at anytime. As students may only take the test one time, please ensure you have a solid internet connection and a non-graphing calculator available to you before you being the test. 



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