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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the New Maverick Transfer Orientation program?
A: The New Maverick Transfer Orientation program is an excellent opportunity for newly admitted transfer students to learn valuable information about UT Arlington services and academic programs. In addition to an introduction to the University, students will have the opportunity to network with other transfer students as well as current student leaders.

Q: Am I required to attend New Maverick Transfer Orientation?
A: Yes. All transfer students are required to attend transfer orientation regardless of the amount of credits they will be transferring. 

Q: When does New Maverick Transfer Orientation take place?
A: New Maverick Transfer Orientation occurs throughout the year. Which session you will attend depends on the term when you enroll. Students entering UT Arlington in the Fall will attend orientation during June and/or July. Students entering UT Arlington in the Spring term will attend orientation in January and Students entering UT Arlington for the summer term will attend orientation in April and/or May. View orientation dates.

Q: Does it matter which New Maverick Transfer Orientation date I attend?
A: Transfer students can attend any orientation session available for the term they are enrolling. The program will be the same so students can choose the session that works best for their schedule

Q: How long will the New Maverick Orientation program last?
A: New Maverick Transfer Orientation for transfer students entering UT Arlington in the fall semester is a one day event that will begin at 8:00 am and wrap up around 3:30 pm. The remainder of the day can be used for campus business such as academic advising appointments and class registration

Q: Do I need to reserve a space in one of the New Maverick Orientation programs?
A: Yes, you do need to reserve a space. This can be done through the Register for orientation page.

Q: Should my parents come with me to New Maverick Orientation?
A: Parents and guests are welcomed to attend your orientation session with you. There is a $35 fee for parents and guest to attend.

Q: Do I have to take any placement exams prior to attending New Maverick Orientation?
A: Some UT Arlington students are required to take the Math Placement Test. For more information about placement testing, whether or not you are exempt, and how to take the Math Placement Test visit our Testing, TSI & AP page.

Q: When do I get my student ID card?
A: The Maverick Orientation Leaders will take students to have their Mav Express Cards (student ID) made when they attend orientation. Please remember to bring your driver’s license or another government-issued photo ID.

Q: When can I register for classes?
A: All students must meet with an advisor before they can register for classes. Students at UT Arlington are advised by their specific college or department. It is recommended that new transfer students meet with an advisor after their transcript evaluation is completed. If this isn’t possible, make sure to bring all copies of transcripts and test credit (AP or CLEP) to your advising appointment. To review equivalency agreements please visit the admissions website.  If you do not know who your advisor is contact your major department or University College. You may register for classes after you have been advised and attended an orientation session. We will go over the procedure for our online registration program at orientation.

Q: Should I bring money to pay for my classes at New Maverick Orientation?
A: Only students attending after the payment date will need to be prepared to pay their tuition, fees, etc. during New Maverick Orientation. For information about your bill, visit the Student Financial Services page.

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