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Register for Orientation

 Please read through the following directions to ensure you have all the necessary registration information before you log-in to our Orientation Registration System.

Check out the chart below to learn when you can register for your orientation session:

Term Enrolling

Orientation session held in:

Orientation Registration available



February 15

  • Veterans Orientation sessions will be held in May, July & August. You also have the choice to attend a non-veteran orientation based on your student type (e.g. freshman or transfer).
  • You may review the dates of all available sessions on the orientation dates page of our website.  However, only the dates you are eligible to attend will be displayed when you log into our registration system. 
  • Check your schedule when selecting your orientation date and be certain you can attend the orientation session you select. Once you confirm your orientation session, any changes will incur a $20 date change fee. 
  • You will need your UT Arlington netid and password to log-in to the Orientation Registration system.  All confirmation emails will be send to your UTA email address. Click here for directions on setting up your email address if you have not done so already
  • Orientation fees will be applied to your student account once you have attended your orientation sessions.
  • Please make all necessary changes to your orientation registration at least 7 business days prior to your orientation session. All fees are non-refundable once you have attended your orientation session.

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