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Compliance Services

UTS180 Conflicts of Interest

Welcome to UTA's Outside Activity Online Portal

The Portal is hosted by UT System to implement UTA’s policy addressing employee outside activities and interests. The policy can be found in the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 5, Section 5-508 and applies to the following employees:

  • All Faculty
  • All Administrative and Professional Staff
  • All Classified Exempt Staff
  • Any other employees if they are authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the University or who because of their job duties at the University have authority to exercise discretion with regard to the award of contracts or other financial transactions.
  • Any other employees where a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment may exist

When you log on to the site with your Net ID and password, please read UTS180 and affirm that you have read and understood the policy.

The due date for finalizing disclosures for the 2015 calendar year is March 25, 2016

  • Disclosures must be made for any substantial interest in a business entity and any gifts received over $250 for both the employee and any immediate family members. 
  • Disclosures can be made by clicking on Make New Disclosure once you access the portal.
  • Substantial interest in a business entity is defined as
    • A controlling interest;
    • Ownership of more than 10% of the voting interest;
    • Ownership of more than $5,000 of the fair market value;
    • A direct or indirect participating interest by shares, stock, or otherwise, regardless of whether voting rights are included, in more than 10 percent of the profits, proceeds, or capital gains; or
    • Service as an officer.
  • Immediate family members include a spouse; a dependent child or step-child or other dependent, for purposes of determining federal income tax liability; and a related or non-related, unmarried adult who resides in the same household as the individual and with whom the individual is financially interdependent.

Disclosures are not approved.  Please "finalize and submit" your document upon completion. 

To request prior approval for outside activities (i.e., outside employment and outside board service) for 2016, click on Request Approval at the top of the page.  Approvals must be re-submitted annually based on the calendar year.

The President has appointed the following individuals as the approval authorities under this policy:

  • For members of the faculty:  the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • For deans and department chairs: the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • For executive officers: the President and, for the President, the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • For administrative and professional staff: the Department Director and the appropriate Vice President
  • For other employees: the Department Director and the appropriate Vice President.

If you have no activity to report at this time including,

  1. No disclosures to report for this year (2016)
  2. No disclosures to report for the prior year (2015) and
  3. No approvals to request at this time.

Click on "Report no Activity" at the top of the page, check all 3 boxes and click on the "X Report No Activity" box to submit.  If your situation changes for calendar year 2016, please re-access the Outside Activity Portal at that time to request approval or make a disclosure.

Some of the data collected will be posted on a publicly searchable website in accordance with the policy.  Information regarding family members will not be publicly disclosed. 

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