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The University of Texas at Arlington Writing Center
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Assistant Director Todd Womble leads a graduate workshop
About Us
Location: 411 Central Library
Phone: 817.272.2160

• Student must register on the website before making appointments;
• We offer 45-minute face-to-face and online appointments for all students;
• GRADS appointments are reserved for face-to-face appointments for graduate students only;
• Graduate students may sign up for online appointments with non-GRADS consultants;
• When appointment is made successfully, an electronic confirmation will be sent to UTA email;
• Students are allowed 2 sessions per week (Mon-Sun);
• As a courtesy, an electronic reminder will be sent the evening before the scheduled session;
• Consultant notes will be sent to student, and optionally to the student’s instructor, electronically at session completion.

Session Responsibilities:
• Students should bring hard copies of their current paper and the instructor guidelines/comments to each session (or have these uploaded to the whiteboard for online appointments);
• Students who are not prepared will be asked to reschedule their appointments;
• Students are expected to engage in the session actively, we are not a passive editing service;

Cancellations/No-Shows: The Writing Center serves a growing number of students across campus. The Writing Center has adopted the following policies to ensure that we are able to meet these needs.
• Students who cannot attend their sessions must cancel appointment 1 hour prior to meeting time;
• Students who fail to cancel appointments and do not attend sessions on time will be marked as No Shows;
• Students are marked as No Shows after 10 minutes;
• After two No-Shows, students will not be able to make appointments in advance on our online system, but can come to the Writing Center as a walk-in. Accounts are reset at the beginning of each long semester;

General Information: Consultants assist students with all phases of the invention, writing, and revision process for their academic assignments, but consultants do not proofread nor edit papers and do not have expertise in style and formatting guidelines. Consultants will help students identify repeating grammar errors and also will assist students in learning to better understand and use appropriate style guides. The UTA Writing Center has numerous resources on their website that students can access anytime, at

Consultants cannot assist students on written examinations or on grammar worksheets that have been assigned as homework.