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Assistant Director Todd Womble leads a graduate workshop
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Tracey L. Clough,</a> Director

Tracey-Lynn Clough, Writing Center Director
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Todd Womble, Assistant Director

Todd Womble, Assistant Director
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Lorie Jacobs

Lorie Jacobs, Programs and Promotions Coordinator
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PhD Candidate (ABD) in English, Writing and Rhetoric. Master's Degree in the Teaching of English, Education Specialty. Bachelor's Degree in English with minor in Creative Writing. Several years of professional Marketing and Advertising experience.
SPECIALTIES: Academic Argument, Publishing, Technical/Professional Writing, Creative Writing, MLA, APA, Education, Marketing, Grant Writing/Proposals.
Luke Tesdal

Luke Tesdal, Graduate Student Program Coordinator
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PhD Candidate (ABD) involved in the teaching of writing for almost a decade. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition.
SPECIALTIES: Rhetoric and Composition, the process of argumentation, writing.and multidisciplinary studies.

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I am an architect major and Spanish minor. I am ranked as a freshman although I graduated from El Centro College with an associate's degree. I am originally from California but I am now living in Arlington. I love Arlington because I can ride my bicycle everywhere and there are parks everywhere. I am glad I am finally at UTA because I can grow with the university and help out others.
Focus: Architecture, the arts, music.
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I am a senior English major with a minor in History, graduating in Spring 2014. Here at UTA, I'm a member of the GSA and the McNair Scholars Program. In my spare time, I love creative writing, reading, and taking full advantage of my Netflix subscription! I believe that while writing can be tough/intimidating, it can also be incredibly rewarding.
Focus: Literature, History, Social Sciences, Research Writing, Creative Writing, Structure, Thesis, Brainstorming, Grammar, MLA
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I am a third year student at UTA majoring in English and minoring in History. This is my third semester working in the Writing Center and I love almost every second of it. I look forward to meeting many new clients this semester and improving myself as a consultant!
Focus: English 1301, English 1302, brainstorming, Quick Hits
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I am a junior in the undergraduate program, and study English with a minor in Creative Writing. I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a M.F.A in Creative Writing post-graduation and hope to someday work in publishing, as well as spend my free-time writing. I participate in the concert and marching bands here at UTA and volunteer tutoring elementary school students.
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I am heavily interested in and influenced by science fiction, comic books, video games, and any novel or piece of literature involving a dystopia or some kind of search for one's identity and the meaning behind it. I am also heavily interested in the multiplicity of the term "literature" and how it applies to a lot more than just books and plays, but also to the mediums I have described before this.
Focus: MLA formatting, flow of ideas, grammar, and audience and how to write for them.
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Hi, everyone! I'm a second year English grad student (who also got my English BA here at UTA), and this is my third semester at the Writing Center. I'm interested in medieval literature, animal studies, and food studies, and look forward to learning more about all of those things. In my free time I enjoy reading, movies, and quilting. Focus: Thesis Statements, Clarity, Flow, Organization, and MLA formatting.
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I am a senior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with minors in History and Political Science. I love classic movies, pop culture, and a good cup of coffee to wake up in the morning. In my free time, I like to keep up to date on current events from politics to celebrities.
Focus: Advertising, Public Relations, History, Political Science, Speeches/Presentations, AP Style, MLA, Research Papers
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I am currently a master's student in the English Department and received my bachelor of arts in English at Baylor University with a minor in history. My specific interests cover Modernism and Postmodernism in literature and German and French history. I enjoy reading, watching sports, and playing video games in my spare time.
Focus: Literature, English, History, Structure, Invention , Grammar
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Second Year English Masters student, Bachelor's degree from UTA in English, Minor in Creative Writing
Focus: Claims, Creative Writing, brainstorming, MLA citations, Quick Hits
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I’m currently a second year grad student in the English M.A. program. I received my B.A. in English from West Texas A & M University. Personal interests include reading, writing, anime, sleeping, video games, and hiking.
Focus: Brainstorming, Clarity, Cohesion, Flow, Organization, and Support
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Hello, I am a member of the college of liberal arts, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. I am currently a junior, and hope to secure a career in law enforcement following graduation. During my free time, I participate in shooting competitions and play guitar.
Focus: Organization/structure, brainstorming, thesis statement, topic development, flow, MLA style