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Only ONE assignment/project/paper/presentation, etc. per visit. Consultants will not review multiple items during a single session. Consultants will only work with the student who produces work for a class assignment in a UTA course. All group members should attend group assignment consultations.

In order to maximize your experience, please bring a paper copy of your instructor's directions and your written draft to your individual appointments. We have a printer available if you forget, but you will need your Mav ID and funds in your account.

Choose a 2040, or 60 minute session by selecting the appropriate start and end time on the scheduler for writing support on assignments based on length of document/writing support needs.

Select an appropriate consultant. Each of our consultant’s bios is listed on our website and on our scheduler.

For questions related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, citations, or style, please choose QUICK HITS on your appointment form.
During face-to-face Quick Hits sessions, the Writing Center consultant will spend up to 20 minutes helping student clients find answers on citation, style, editing, punctuation, and grammar concerns. During QH sessions, consultants will not make corrections, nor read through papers, but will respond to specific questions or concerns and point clients to the appropriate resources and answers.

Only ONE session per day. Up to THREE sessions per week.

Everyone in the Writing Center--staff, clients, visitors--are expected to comport themselves in a friendly, cooperative, and professional manner. Anyone who cannot do this will be asked to leave and will be escorted out of the Writing Center.