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ENGL 1301 Workshops

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  • Intro to ENGL 1301: This workshop will help students understand what to expect both inside and out of the class from instructors, as well as what instructors will expect from students. An experienced consultant will also review the three major assignments for the course: the Discourse Community Analysis (DCA), the Rhetorical Analysis Essay (RAE), and the Synthesis Essay. The consultant will also provide some tips for succeeding in class.

    We will not be offering this workshop in the Fall 2018 Semester.
  • Discourse Community Analysis (DCA): This workshop explores the first major essay for English 1301, the Discourse Community Analysis. Consultants will define what a discourse community is and review what makes for a successful DCA. Learn how to directly address your audience, come up with evidence, and establish your credibility as a writer. You will also get useful advice on some of the essentials of good writing, such as topic sentences and transitions.

    Dates for Fall 2018 Semester: Wednesday, September 19 @ NOON.

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  • Critical Reading: In this workshop, consultants will offer techniques on critical reading in preparation for the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. Discover how to identify a claim and reasons, annotate the rhetorical appeals, and summarize the writer’s main ideas. This is an interactive workshop and will offer practical exercises in reading critically. Students are also welcome to bring their own RAE-eligible article for critical reading practice.

    We will not be offering this workshop during the Fall 2018 Semester.
  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay (RAE): Explore the fundamentals of the RAE and reading critically. Learn how to identify the ways writers use ethos, logos, and pathos and evaluate the effectiveness of their arguments. Consultants will break down how to construct strong thesis statements and go step-by-step through the essay’s guidelines, including the structure of a good rhetorical analysis.

    Dates for Fall 2018 Semester: Wednesday, October 17 @ NOON.

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  • Synthesis Essay: In this workshop, learn how to advance conversations by turning them in new directions. Consultants will offer specific advice on synthesizing arguments and structuring your papers, from introduction to conclusion. You will also get the opportunity to see selections for sample Synthesis Essays, discuss successful and ineffective elements, and practice synthesis for yourself.

    Dates for Fall 2018 Semester: Wednesday, November 14 @ NOON.

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