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ENGL 1302 Workshops

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  • Intro to ENGL 1302: This workshop will help students understand what to expect both inside and out of the class from instructors, as well as what they expect from students. An experienced consultant will also review the four major assignments for the course: the Issue Proposal, the Annotated Bibliography, the Mapping the Issue Paper, and the Researched Position Paper. The consultant will also provide some tips for succeeding in class.

    We will not be hosting this workshop during the Spring 2019 semester.

  • Issue Proposal (IP): This workshop explores the first major assignment for ENGL 1302, the Issue Proposal. Workshop will review the assignment requirements and identify the best approach to completing the assignment according to the demands of the project.  Consultants will discuss the assignment requirements and review what makes for a successful Issue Proposal.  You will also get useful advice on some of the essentials of good writing, such as topic sentences and transitions.

    Date for Spring 2019 Semester: February 13th at 6 PM

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  • Annotated Bibliography: The annotated bibliography is an important genre in academic writing that has specific content and style requirements that may be unfamiliar. These workshops are developed to help students respond to the specific requirements and to become familiar with ways of providing judgment free analysis of potential sources.  Although this workshop appears in the ENGL 1302 series, students writing an annotated bibliography for another course are welcome to attend, as the workshop will provide an overview of the standard academic writing conventions in an annotated bibliography.

    Date for Spring 2019 Semester: February 27th at 6 PM

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  • Mapping the Issue (MI): This workshop explores the criteria for the Mapping the Issue writing assignment for students enrolled in 1302.  Consultants will discuss the assignment requirements and what makes for a successful Mapping the Issue paper.  Learn how to organize sources based on a position, summarize main ideas from your sources, and synthesize sources that cluster around a position.  The workshop will also offer techniques for transitioning between positions and using sources effectively.

    Date for Spring 2019 Semester: March 27th at 6 PM

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  • Researched Position Paper (RPP): This workshop will cover the criteria for the final paper of ENGL 1302, the Researched Position Paper. In keeping with the other freshman writing workshops, these are intended to help students develop the skills necessary to complete the assignment and become academic writers.  Consultants will offer specific advice on constructing arguments and structuring papers from introduction to conclusion as well as on using logos, pathos, and ethos in making a convincing argument.

    Date for Spring 2019 Semester: April 10th at 6 PM

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