Vadec Lobza; Graduate Student (M.S.)

Vadec works on bioturbation in the Chattanooga Shale. He received his MS in geology in Spring 1998, but we continue to collaborate on several publications on the Chattanooga Shale.  For your merriment he has put together some results from his work in an extra page about worms that dwell in mud. You can find out more about Vadec if you click here, or you can send him mail.

tristand.jpg (11598 bytes) Tristand Barrett; Graduate Student (M.S.).  I received my Bachelors of Science in Geology at Oregon State University in the spring of 1998. Shortly there after I moved to Houston (the swamp) for the summer. Only one year has passed since I lived in the rainy state, and I still have webbed feet. My first love is swimming and my second is to look at rocks. At the age of seven I began swimming competitively and continued competing at OSU. Competing for three years in the PAC TEN was a challenging experience that I enjoyed immensely. Tristand is interested in sedimentary stratigraphy and basin analysis and has started thesis research on the New Albany Shale of Indiana.  She tries to combine detailed stratigraphic work with visible light reflectance measurements, an approach that may ultimately lead to "black shale stratigraphy for dummies".
Priyanka Johri; Graduate Student (M.S.)

Priyanka  is a graduate student at UTA and works on a project on the New Albany Shale of Indiana. Before studying geology she got her commercial pilot license. She loves flying, skydiving, and getting dirty. Her final goal is to combine both her passions and to become an astronaut. In the meantime (just to play it safe) she is getting ready to work in the petroleum industry. Her research project involves detailed subsurface correlations and the reflection of sequence stratigraphy in organic geochemistry.

Evelyn Tennison,  Graduate Student (M.S.)

Evelyn is working on a project concerning the use of scanned cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL) for provenance determination of quartz grains.  This is part of a larger project where we attempt to obtain provenance information from quartz silt grains in mudstones.

Becca Grassl; Undergraduate (B.S., geology major)

Becca is working as a research assistant and plans to pursue a career in environmental geology after graduation (December 2000).

Kirsten Tye; Undergraduate (B.S., geology major)

Kirsten was a field and lab assistant this summer and will graduate in December.  After that things may bifurcate in many wondrous ways.

Karen Berecz; Undergraduate (B.S., geology major)

Karen was a field and lab assistant this summer and graduates in August.  She plans to look for employment in either the environmental or the petroleum industry. 

Kevin Thaisen; Undergraduate (B.S., geology major)

Kevin was a senior at UTA studying geology, playing roller hockey, and working for an environmental/geotechnical engineering firm, as well as a research/field assistant. He grew up in Minnesota, graduated in Spring of 1998, and works now as a civilian on a Navy research vessel. He is currently looking for graduate school with planetary geology, all grants happily accepted.  Kevin was my field and lab assistant for several years. Right now he is kicking himself for leaving just when we started all those projects on meteorite impacts.



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