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Special Event Parking

Make yourself at home

We’re delighted you’ve chosen UT Arlington to host your special event. If your event requires reserved parking or will in some way affect parking on campus, you must coordinate your planning with Parking and Transportation Services. Our office is more than happy to assist you in preparing for any special event held on campus.

We offer reserved parking, attendants who can welcome your guests, and other useful services to assist you with a successful event. Parking arrangements for chartered buses and large vehicles that will impact traffic must also be coordinated with Parking and Transportation Services and UT Arlington Police.

Please fill out the Special Event Parking Request form and submit it at least three business days, but preferably as soon as possible, before the scheduled date of your event.

When parking spaces are reserved, the department/group will be charged based upon the number of spaces being held. If any event exceeds the number of reserved spaces agreed to, the invoice will be adjusted at flat-rate pricing after the event has concluded to reflect the higher number of vehicles.

Some events and/or functions require parking enforcement personnel to properly manage the event, or require labor hours and material in preparation for the event.

Parking and Transportation Services may close/block off these lots, spaces, areas, or garages as reserved for those attending a special event. Parking alternatives will be made available for displaced permit holders, based on permit type, and with no additional compensation to the displaced persons. However, if we determine that an event may cause an unacceptable disruption to campus operations, we may reject an event proposal.

Parking and Transportation Services will take one or more of the following steps to inform permit holders of special event parking policies:

  • Information mailed or e-mailed to all permit holders with assigned lots or garages affected by special event parking.
  • Informational signs posted at the entrances to lots reserved for athletic and other special events.
  • Information posted in the News and Announcements section.
  • Information disseminated via the Trailblazer and/or MavWire e-publications.