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"The unexamined life is not worth living"-Plato, Apology 38a

"Back to the things themselves!"-Edmund Husserl

"In our philosophizing, then--how can we avoid it?--we are functionaries of mankind."
-Husserl, The Crisis in European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology, p. 17.

"May the gods bless our home for the perpetually bewildered" - Clueless Harry



B.A. University of Illinois, Urbana 1968
M.A. University of Waterloo (Ontario) 1974
Ph.D. University of Waterloo 1977
Dissertation title: Public and Private Aspects of Meaning in Husserl and Wittgenstein

Areas of specialization: phenomenology, Wittgenstein, hermeneutics

Areas of interest: critical thinking, philosophy of science


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Courses taught regularly:

Fundamentals of Reasoning (undergrad)-Sample Syllabus
Typical student evaluations of Fundamentals of Reasoning course:
Introduction to Philosophy (undergrad)-Sample Syllabus
Phenomenology (grad and undergrad)-Sample Syllabus
Some famous phenomenologists:
(The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)
Philosophy of Science (grad and undergrad)-Sample Syllabus
Hermeneutics (Theories of Interpretation) (grad and undergrad)- Sample Syllabus
Renaissance and Early Modern Philosophy (grad and undergrad)-Sample Syllabus
Hints for Philosophy Essay Writing
Consejo sobre el escribir del ensayo filosófico


Selected Publications


La praxis fenomenológica de Edmund Husserl, (Colección: Filosofía Actual), (Bogotá: Editorial San Pablo, 2011).

The Theory and Practice of Husserl's Phenomenology, 2nd Enlarged Ed., (Pathways in Phenomenology, Vol. 2), (Bucharest: Zeta Books, 2010).

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Arguing With Care: Dialectic for a Democratic Society, (Dubuque, Iowa, Kendall Hunt Publishing Co., 2009). Revised 2010.

Ser y sentido: teoría y práctica de una fenomenología trascendental-hermenéutica, co-authored with Germán Vargas Guillén, (Colección Textos de Filosofía), (Bogotá: Editorial San Pablo, 2009).

Humanización como formación, co-authored with Germán Vargas Guillén and Sonia Cristina Gamboa Sarmiento, (Colección Textos de Filosofía), (Bogotá: Editorial San Pablo, 2008).

Argumentando con cuidado, (Colección Textos de Filosofía), (Bogotá: Universidad Pedagógica Nacional y Editorial San Pablo, 2007).

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