Electronics - Lab Syllabus

  2015 Fall Semester
Students registered for this course must complete all required lab safety training prior to entering the lab. Once notified, complete the required module(s) no later than the first lab meeting. Until all required Lab Safety Training is completed, a student will not be given access to lab facilities, and will not be able to participate in any lab activities, and will earn a grade of zero for any uncompleted work. Once completed, Lab Safety Training is valid for the remainder of the same academic year (i.e., through the following August) and must be completed anew in subsequent years. There are no exceptions to this University policy. Failure to complete the required training will preclude participation in any lab activities, including those for which a grade is assigned. Questions regarding the online Lab Safety Training should be directed to the University Compliance Services training help line, 8170-272-2080 or to compliance@uta.edu.
Go to www.uta.edu/training, login and click on "My Training" and finish all the trainings listed there.

  Week of September 7 Labs starts. Meet with your TA. He will discuss in detail how the lab reports will be graded, and how the lab will work.

  All the lab grades will be accounted for towards your lab grade. There will be no make-up labs.
  If you miss any labs, you should contact your T.A. so that he will provide you an access to the lab room. .
  Lab syllabus and grading procedure: Lab Report Outline

  The lab report should follow a general template: Report Template
In an effort to sync labs with lecture, the lab manuals for a given lab will be uploaded 2-3 days before the start of the first lab. Students should download, print and bring the lab manual with you to the lab. You are strongly encouraged to read the lab manual before entering the lab.

Week of
Lab Lab Report Due
Sep 14 Lab 1- Introduction/ DC Circuits
Sep 21 Lab 2: Capacitors
1st lab due
Sep 28 Lab 3: Diodes and Bipolar Transistors
2nd lab due
Oct 5 Lab 4: Transistors I
3rd lab due
Oct 12 Lab 5: Transistors II
4th lab due
Oct 19 Lab 6: Transistors III
5th lab due
Oct 26 Lab 7: Op Amps I
6th lab due
Nov 2 Lab 8: Op Amps II
7th lab due
Nov 9 Lab 9: BCD Encoder
8th lab due
Nov 9 Lab 10: Digital-Analog Converter
9th lab due

  This is a tentative schedule. Labs may meet every week depending on the progress of your course. Your TA will inform you about this at least a week ahead if we have a lab in the "gap" week.