Week of Lab Supplemental
Sept 1 Lab Introduction
Obtain the Physics Lab Manual: Mechanics and Sound from the Bookstore
Download the lab Syllabus


Sept 8 Unit 1: Uncertainties Appendix 2 for Unit 1
Sept 15 Unit 2: Newton's Second Law Appendix III - for Unit 2
Sept 22 Unit 3: Composition and resolution of Forces
Sept 29 Unit 4: Uniform Circular Motion
Graphing data with uncertainties Using Excel
Excel 2003
Excel 2007 2010
Oct 6 Report Writing Week
Bring the lab report you have prepared for unit 4.
Your TA will help you if you have any questions.
Oct 13 Unit 5: Projectile Motion
Oct 20 Unit 6: Rotational Equilibrium
Oct 27 Unit 7: Hooke's law
Nov 3 RM 110 and 114, Unit 8: Archimedes Principle
Rm 223: Unit 9: Speed of Sound
Nov 10 RM 110 and 114, Unit 9: Speed of Sound
RM 223: Unit 8: Archimedes Principle
Nov 17 Lab Exam: 18 Multiple choice question and 4 problems
You must attend at your normally schedule time and room
You will need a calculator and pencil. No scantron required
A formula sheet will be provided.
Study Guide
Problems and Question
Equation Sheet