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Undergraduate Mission Statement

The Department of Physics offers five Bachelor of Science degree programs, a Bachelor of Arts degree program, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics/Master's in Materials Science and Engineering Fast Track Program.

The Bachelor of Science degree programs include one which prepares students for careers in science and technology, another for medical school preparation, and a third for students wanting to minor in an Engineering discipline. When combined with the required UTeach education courses, the Bachelor of Science program is also appropriate for students who are interested in becoming schoolteachers.* The Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics is intended for students who seek a broader education while retaining a firm foundation in Physics. The Bachelor of Science degree in Physics/Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering Fast Track Program enables outstanding senior undergraduate students in Physics to satisfy degree requirements leading to a Bachelor's degree in Physics while simultaneously pursuing a Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

Students considering a Physics major should schedule an appointment with the undergraduate advisor in Physics to discuss their degree and career options. Physics majors are encouraged to participate in research projects under faculty guidance for course credit or financial reward. In this way, undergraduate students have the choice of gaining hands-on experience from a variety of research disciplines, including astrophysics, biophysics, computational physics, high energy physics, medical physics, optics, space physics, and theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics.

The faculty of the Physics Department encourages qualified students to participate in the university’s Honors College. Scholarships may be offered every year to new students majoring in Physics. 

* Students desiring certification for teaching at the secondary level must fulfill specific requirements for the appropriate Physics B.S. Teacher Certification degree.

Degree Plans and Suggested Course Sequences

Advisor Information

Eraneisha Gibson
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Morning: Geoscience Building Room107E
Afternoon: Science Hall Room107E

In an effort to provide the most efficient service, please access the links below to make all advising appointments:

Physics Majors schedule an appointment with me here.
EES/Geology Majors schedule an appointment here.

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Note: Always be sure to include your UT Arlington 1000# in all electronic communications with UT Arlington Faculty and Staff!

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