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Professor Sharma

Dr. Suresh C. Sharma
Professor of Physics
Location: Room 335 CPB 
Phone: 817-272-2470  

Visual Tour of Laboratories

Professor Sharma, graduate student Robert Ramsey, and undergraduate Kalpesh Vaghela examining the Diffraction Pattern from a Switchable Holographic Grating formed in a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal cell by use of Helium-Neon laser.


Professor Sharma and Graduate Student, Ying Li in the Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory. In Raman Spectroscopy, the sample is irradiated with an Argon ion laser beam and inelastically scattered light is analyzed with a high resolution Raman spectroscopy system consisting of a liquid nitrogen cooled CCD camera.

Professor Sharma and Graduate students, B. Ha and J. Rhee working in the Positron Beam Spectroscopy Laboratory. A beam of variable energy positrons is bombarded on the target under study and the positron-electron annihilation gamma rays are analyzed with solid-state detectors and associated electronics. These experiments are conducted to characterize the depth profiles of atomic-scale defects in semiconductors.

Ultra High Vacuum Photoemission Spectrometer that is used to measure the valence band structures of materials. The sample is maintained under high vacuum (10 -10 Torr) conditions and bombarded with photons of well defined energy. The electrons released by the photoelectric effect are collected and analyzed for their energy distributions that provides information about the valence band of the material.

Graduate student Ha in the Chemical Vapor Deposition laboratory. This system is used to deposit high quality diamond films on different substrates.

Professor Sharma making Photoemission measurements at The Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Madison, Wisconsin.


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