Magnetic recording, history and future

Dr. Bin Lu

Seagate Inc.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005



Magnetic recording has been existing for more than 100 years. It evolutes from slow moving steel wires to 15,000 RPM rotating disks coated with nano-crystalline thin films. In the mean time, areal density of magnetic recording has been improved by a trillion folds. This talk reviews evolution of magnetic recording head, media, and recording physics, discusses constrains that limit the areal density advancement, introduces methods that may bypass a formidable physical limit - superparamagnetism.
    Both longitudinal and perpendicular magnetic recording in hard disk drive (HDD) will be presented. Materials and designs of head/media will be discussed together with their magnetic properties, microstructures, dynamic switching behavior, signal to noise ratio, etc. An emerging technology for future HDD, heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), will be introduced in the end.

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