Fabrication, characterization, and manipulation of magnetic nanostructures


Yaowu Hao, Ph. D. Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
University of Texas at Arlington


4:00 PM, 9/27/06, UTA Physics


In the last decade, the ultra high density magnetic data storage technology has motivated an extensive research on magnetic nanostructures. In recent years, emerging applications of magnetic nanomaterials to biotechnology called for the development of new nanomagnets, magnetic field sensors and magnetic nano/micro manipulation tools.


In this talk, two fabrication methods for generating large quantities of nanomagnets, interference lithography and templated growth, will first be described. Using these methods, large quantities of nanomagnets, multisegment magnetic nanorods and ordered 3-D porous magnetic structures have been fabricated. The magnetic properties of these nanostructures will then be discussed, including the inspection of individual nanomagnets using magnetic force microscopy and collective magnetic behaviors measured by magnetometers. Using magnetic tweezers to manipulate magnetic nanorods in suspension will also be presented.