Curriculum Vita of Hendrik J.M. Weerts


Address:                            Bldg. 362 - HEP

                                            Argonne National Laboratory

                                            9700 S. Cass Avenue

                                 Argonne, IL  60439  USA

                                            Tel : (630) 252-8831    Email:    WWW: 


Personal statistics:         Born December 18, 1950 , Schaesberg,  Netherlands


Education:                       1971           B.Sc. Physics (Vordiplom), RWTH Aachen, Germany

                                            1975           M.A. Physics (Diplom), RWTH Aachen, Germany

                                            1975           Diplom-Thesis: "Neutral Pion Production by the Neutral  Current Interaction" 

                                            1981           Ph.D. Physics, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Ph.D. Thesis: "Measurement of Nucleon Structure Functions up to  Momentum  Transfers  of  50 GeV2"


Professional                     1972-1975            Teaching/Research Assistant, III Phys. Institut, RWTH Aachen

Experience:                      1975-1981            Research Associate,  III  Phys. Institut, RWTH Aachen   

                                            1981-1983            Research Associate , Physics Division, Fermilab

                                            1983-1988            Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State  University.

                                            1988-1993            Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State  University.

                                            1993-present        Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State University.

                                            1990-1992            Visiting Scientist, Dexperiment, Fermilab.

1998-2002                  Joint Appointment Fermilab/Michigan State University

2004-2005             Sabbatical at Fermilab to work on International Linear Collider(ILC)

2005-present        Director of HEP Division, Argonne National Lab


Professional                     o          Coordinator of  Ddetector commisioning,  1990-1992, Fermilab.

Activities:                         o          Convener of QCD analysis group in D, 1990-1994.

                                            o          Founding member of the CTEQ collaboration, 1990.

                                            o          Member of Organizing committee and lecturer at CTEQ summer schools on QCD,

                                                        1992,1993, 1995 and 1997

                                            o          Overall Physics Convener of  Physics Groups in D0, 1994-1996

o          Member of the Program Advisory Committee: Fermilab, 1995,1996 (resigned

            when became Dspokesman in 1996).

o          Organized  many workshops in 1990’s at MSU as well as outside MSU.

o          APS Fellow  1997

                                            o          Int. Advisory Committee for “Hadron Collider Physics”, 1995,1997,1999, 2002. Organizing it at MSU in 2004.

o          Co-spokesman of D 1996-1999 and 1999 –2002

                                            o          Distinguished Faculty Award ( College of Natural Science MSU) 2000

o          Chair of  APS Panofsky Prize Committee.  (member 1999, chair 2001)

o          Co-project manager of D upgrade  1999-2001.

o          Member of High Energy Physics Advisory Panel to DOE and NSF (HEPAP) 1999-2002.

o          Vice-Chair/Chair of DPF nominating committee for DPF Executive Comm. ( 2002,2003)

o          Editor of Physics Letters B   2003

o          Organized HCP2004 conference at MSU in June 2004. See:    HCP2004

o          Leading one of the three worldwide ILC detector design studies with J.Jaros from SLAC.

o          Member of two HEPAP subpanels:  Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) and Advanced Accelerator R&D Panel.