Dr. Shashank Priya

Materials Science and Engineering Program, Electronic Materials and Devices

University of Texas at Arlington




Magnetoelectric materials exhibit change in dielectric polarization on application of magnetic field or change in magnetization on application of electric field. These materials are extremely promising for applications such as actuator, transducer and storage devices. Magnetoelectric effect is a product property implying that the effect is absent in the individual phases but observed in the composite. In past 30 years several magnetoelectric materials and composite geometries have been reported in literature, however the magnitude of the magnetoelectric coefficient is still quite low. We have recently found the high performance magnetoelectric composition in the Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 x NiFe1.9Mn0.1O4 system. This presentation will describe the physics of the magnetoelectric materials and report the properties and microstructure of our composition.


Short Bio


Dr. Shashank Priya is an Assistant Professor at the Materials Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington. After completing an MS in metallurgy from Indian Institute of Science, India, Dr. Priya joined The Pennsylvania State University for a PhD through Office of Naval Research fellowship. After his graduation, he performed cutting-edge research at the Materials Research Laboratory as a Postdoc in high power piezoelectric materials and devices. He joined APC International in 2003 as a transducer design engineer. In 2004, he joined faculty position at University of Texas at Arlington. He has worked at several prestigious companies including Murata Manufacturing Ltd., Shiga, Japan; Bharat Earth Movers Limited, India; and Vishakapatnam Steel Plant, India. Dr. Priya is one of the pioneers in the area of laminate magnetoelectric composites. His research interests include high power piezoelectric materials and devices, ceramic processing, magnetoelectric composites, physics of magnetostrictive materials, piezoelectric transducers and energy harvesting. He has authored 50 publications in international journals and 2 patents.