Physics Department

The University of Texas at Arlington



Candidate for Assistant Professor of Physics in Nano-Bio Physics



Nanoarchitectures for Biomolecule Analysis


Dr. Qi-Huo Wei

  Staff Scientist

Center for Applied NanoBioscience

Biodesign Institute at

Arizona State University


Monday, February 27, 2006

4:00 p.m.

Room 103 SH




This talk will focus on some of our recent efforts on understanding and developing nanofluidic and nanophotonic architectures for biomolecule manipulation and detection with one ambitious target at integrated nanobiosystems for proteomic/genomic applications. (1) Efficient protein enrichments are critical to proteomic analysis since proteins of interests as drug targets and biomarkers are low abundant in cell extracts and body fluids. This talk will show how this problem can be tackled by using unique properties of nanofluidics and the set of micro/nanofabrication processed that we developed for making nanofluidic devices with features down to 10nm and with macro-micro-nano interfaces. Results on trapping/concentration of streptavidin in these nanofluidic devices through dielectrophoresis will be presented. An example (single-file diffusion) will be also given to show that how physical behaviors of molecules/particles could be distinctively different in confined micro/nanoenvironments. (2) The excitation of surface plasmons at metal/dielectric interfaces and in nano metal particles leads to many orders of magnitude enhancements of both local electromagnetic fields and Raman signals of molecules close to metal surfaces. Progresses of our recent thrusts on understanding near-field coupling between 1D plasmonic nanoparticles and on a new type of nanoparticles with tunable and augmented optical properties will be presented, and their applications for biomolecule detections (SERS, molecular rulers) will be discussed. Also shown will be our recent development of surface plasmon interference nanolithography (SPIN) technique which allows for nanopatterning with normal UV exposure.


Refreshments will be served in the Physics Library at 3:30pm, Room 108 Science Hall.