Tadeusz Waldek Zerda



        Ph. D.                                                      1978, Silesian University, Poland

        Habilitation                                              1983, University of Poznan, Poland



        Assistant Professor of Physics                 1978-1983, Silesian University, Poland

        Head of Molecular Physics Division         1982-1983, Silesian University, Poland

        Post-Doctoral Associate                          1983-1987, University of Illinois

        Associate Professor of Physics                1987-1993, Texas Christian University

        Professor of Physics                                1993-present, Texas Christian University

        Department chair                                     2004-present, TCU


     Dr. Zerda's research activities include studies on sol-gel process, Raman imaging techniques, structure of porous sol-gel glass, dynamics of molecular systems inside the pores, phase transitions in small geometries, structure of carbon blacks, graphitization process, reinforcing properties of carbon black filler in tires, diamond-graphite phase transitions, high pressure studies of relaxation processes in gases, liquids, and crystals.  Recently he has focused his interests on investigation of the structure of super hard diamond based composite materials and kinetics of the high temperature, high pressure reactions between diamonds and silicon.