December 2, 2009

"Novel Photothermal Coupling Agents for Anti-Cancer Therapy"

Professor Chun Li
MD Anderson center


Laser-induced photothermal ablation therapy (PTA) is a promising technique for cancer treatment. Efficient PTA can be mediated with gold nanoshells conjugated with homing moieties which preferentially accumulates into the neoplastic tissue. I will discuss a new class of molecular specific photothermal coupling agents based on hollow gold nanospheres (HAuNS, average diameter ~30 nm) covalently attached to monoclonal antibody and peptide ligands directed at tumor-surface receptors. I will present data on the synthesis, characterization, and efficient in vivo delivery of targeted HAuNS, as well as treatment response with PTA therapy after systemic administration of targeting HAuNS into nude mice bearing human tumors. I will also discuss important factors that can influence the efficiency of active targeting with gold nanoparticles. Finally, I will present data towards MRI-visible gold nanoshells and photoacoustic imaging applications of HAuNS, as well as the use of CuS nanoparticles as a potential photothermal coupling agent.


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