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  • Dr. Feng Li Gave a Seminar Talk at Physics Department of UTA (Sept. 9, 2005)

Dr. Feng Li, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Department of Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institute at University of New Orleans, gave audiences of Physics Department of UTA a seminal. The talk is titled "Functional Nanomaterials with Controlled Structures". The abstract of the seminar is as follows: Our current research activities are focused on the chemical-electrochemical fabrication of new classes of materials with an emphasis on understanding of fundamental issues of nanostructure control and growth based on templates, self-assemblies and directed assemblies that will enable the efficient manipulation of material composition, micro/nano-structure, property and functionality. Such fabricated materials include nanorings and nanodisks; nanowires (e. g., zigzag metal nanowires, porous metal nanowires, core-shell nanowires, coaxial nanowires and hollow tip nanowires); nanotubules (e. g., metal nanotubules, oxide nanotubules, nano-whisker nanotubules and multi-walled nanotubules); 2-D free-standing nanowires arrays and nano-networks; 3-D nanosheets, colloid crystal wires and their peapod-like structures; and metal nanobeads array. Depending on the design of the nanostructures, the properties of fabricated materials may be tuned efficiently which leads to their potential applications as photonic crystals, chemical sensors and data storage media.


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