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Galileoscope Refractor Telescope Kit - Sold Out

The Galileoscope is a high-quality, low-cost telescope kit developed by a team of leading astronomers, optical engineers, and science educators. No matter where you live, with this easy-to-assemble, 50-mm (2-inch) diameter, 25- to 50-power achromatic refractor, you can see the celestial wonders that Galileo Galilei first glimpsed 400 years ago and that still delight stargazers today. These include lunar craters and mountains, four moons circling Jupiter, the phases of Venus, Saturn’s rings, and countless stars invisible to the unaided eye. $50 plus tax.

Celestron Firstscope Reflecting Telescope

High quality Dobsonian style stand with a 76 mm reflector optical tube make FirstScope an ideal entry level astronomical telescope. Its portable and lighweight table-top design makes it easy to store, transport and setup your FirstScope Telescope. FirstScope is very easy to observe with, the user simply navigates the night sky by moving the tube in the direction of their desired object. The stylish and decorative design makes FirstScope a wonderful keepsake for anyone interested in astronomy. $60 plus tax.

Orion Observer 70mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope - Sold Out

For beginning stargazers who want a starter telescope capable of providing more oomph, more performance than a traditional 60mm refractor, we present the Orion Observer 70mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope. Compared to a 60mm refractor, the Observer 70 EQ can reveal an even greater variety of stellar gems and provide greater resolution of old favorites like the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Orion Nebula. The Observer 70 Equatorial Refractor is easy for anyone in the family to operate, and its affordable price makes it a great telescope to start with as you discover the rewarding hobby of amateur astronomy.

The Orion Observer 70 EQ Refractor Telescope features a multi-coated, achromatic glass objective lens that's 70mm in diameter, with a focal length of 700mm (f/10). This glass lens takes in 36% more light than a 60mm lens for brighter, clearer views. Bottom line: you'll see more than you would through telescope with a smaller aperture. $180 plus tax.

Vixen Optics A70LF Refractor Telescope with Porta II Mount

The A70Lf offers the same quality glass and workmanship that Vixen optics incorporates into their larger instruments. As an achromatic refractor optical design, it is capable of rendering high resolution planetary, lunar and deep-sky visual images. The Vixen Porta II mount is built to support a 20 lb payload and equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole circle slow-motion in both directions. It is provisioned with a sturdy set of legs that adjust from 35-51". Slow motion flexible handles minimize vibrations to keep the view sharp. This is not a beginner's scope to use once or twice and then store in the garage. This is a serious optic for the curious budding astronomer and the already hooked doorstep sky watcher. $350 plus tax.