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As the Senior Director of the TRiO Pre-College Programs, it is my aim to ensure that the students our programs serve both locally and state-wide are provided the keys and develop the resoureces to make use of this access.

Access College - Access Success

With a deeply felt awareness of its position as a vital resource to the community, the University affirms its commitment to preparing its "students for full, productive lives and informed and active citizenship" through the availability of a variety of resources and programs.

The commitment to the welfare of the community is so far-reaching that it has come to embrace non-traditional student programs that are proven to impact the lives of students yet to enter into college, let alone think about their college future.

First established on this campus in 1982, TRiO pre-college programs such as Upward Bound have contributed to the University's efforts in serving and maintaining its connection to the local community and its students.

The TRiO Pre-College Programs accomplish this by providing access and opportunities designed to increase secondary achievement and postsecondary enrollment.

Our vision is to provide its participants with the necessary keys to complete high school and post-secondary education as well as establish a Center for Pre-College Development that will complement the standard of excellence at The University of Texas at Arlington.