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Committed to Excellence

Office of the President

A visionary leader and accomplished scholar, Vistasp M. Karbhari took office in June 2013 as the eighth president of The University of Texas at Arlington. He is committed to advancing UTA’s national and international profile while strengthening excellence in research and teaching and ensuring the success of the University’s more than 48,000 students in Texas and around the world.

A prolific researcher and seasoned administrator, President Karbhari has served as principal investigator or co-principal investigator on more than $37 million in research projects and authored or co-authored more than 460 papers in journals and conference proceedings.

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In the President's Words

“While you are here, strive for what others may consider impossible. Spread your wings and reach for the stars. Never be scared of stretching beyond your bounds, for your abilities are limited only by what you believe are constraints.”

– August 2015, MavsMeet Convocation

“UTA stands at the brink of greatness. Let’s dream together, work together, chart new directions, and attain levels of excellence that others did not even dare to dream of.”

– August 2015, Fall Faculty Orientation

“The city of Arlington becomes a true partner in the rise of the University. We are on a steep slope in terms of what we’ve been able to do in a very short period of time, and that is of a tremendous benefit to the city as well.”

– August 2015, interview with WBAP/820 AM

“Great research universities are characterized by three aspects: excellence, leadership, and impact. In the future, leadership will be characterized by two additional themes—access and diversity—and UTA is already known as a leader in both.”

– May 2015, Spring Meeting of University Faculty and Associates

“Having the opportunity to be exposed early in life to a diversity of language, culture, viewpoints, and histories helps us make those first steps toward being informed and engaged citizens of the world.”

– April 2015, International Week Opening Ceremony

Above all, we want our students to be special, to be unique, and to be prepared for the workforce.

– February 2015, UT System Board of Regents Meeting

Bold Solutions | Global Impact

Strategic Plan 2020

By leveraging our expertise in improving health care, managing our natural resources, creating more livable communities, and harnessing the proliferation of data, the University is poised to help emerging megacities like the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex become sustainable economic and cultural centers that raise the prospects for prosperity and enhance quality of life.

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